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Dubai Fundraiser

Dubai Fundraiser

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
November 5, 2008

Sea Shepherd held its first-ever event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at the Holiday Inn Dubai-Al Barsha.  Development Director, Alex S. Earl, and United Kingdom Director, Steve Roest, were joined by event organizer Damien Byrne, former crewmember and local Sea Shepherd representative Trevor Van Der Guilik, Rita Bento from Emirates Diving Association, and many supporters for an afternoon talk about Sea Shepherd's marine conservation mission and a screening of our 30th anniversary DVD.  Dubai has become a global business and tourism destination and is currently importing many marine animals ( including dolphins) along with capturing local wildlife ( including whale sharks) to put in aquariums and hotels.  It was heartening to know that many local citizens are concerned about the captivity of these animals and that they are receptive to the work that Sea Shepherd is doing globally.  The local media took notice of this event and of Sea Shepherd's presence in the region.  Sea Shepherd expresses its thanks to the Byrne family, to volunteers for the event, and to our local Dubai supporters.

Dubai Fundraiser
Damien Byrne, Steve Roest, Alex S. Earl, Rita Bento


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