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Deep Blue Sea Roots Show

Deep Blue Sea Roots Show

Perth, Australia
May 9, 2008

Past Event Report by Perth volunteer coordinator Jeff Hansen

On Friday the 9th of May 2008 the Sea Shepherd volunteers in Perth hosted a benefit at the Railway Hotel in North Fremantle in a bid to raise further awareness and much needed campaign funds.

Event organiser Jasmin Shaw did a lot of the ground work securing bands and getting the ball rolling in preparation for the benefit.  The entire Sea Shepherd Australia group in Perth worked tirelessly promoting the event with radio plugs, securing sponsors, putting up posters and making up professional pre-sale tickets.

The night started off well with Lightning Jack drawing a large number of people through the door, with many newcomers amazed at this young lad's passion and talent. It was great to see a line right around the corner of the Railway Hotel as the Groovesmiths prepared to come on.

The atmosphere was huge, the place was packed, everywhere you looked people were having a good time, while the ground supporters worked tirelessly to keep everything running smoothly. All the hard preparation had paid off and the night was set to be huge.

That is, until the power went off!

Yes, the unthinkable, right in the middle of the Groovesmiths set, the power went off and we were standing around in complete darkness with the power company not promising to get the power back on for at least another 3 hours!

Regardless, people stayed, continuing to celebrate as the Groovesmiths put on an emergency light and played an amazing acoustic set. Believe it or not, but people still kept coming in and paying full price to support Sea Shepherd .

At the end of the Groovesmiths set we had the power back so that Blue Shaddy could tear down the place with an electrifying closing set. Jim McClelland constantly spoke of how lucky we are to have the very brave people of Sea Shepherd going out and defending the oceans, while his brother Belly echoed uplifting energy through his harmonica.

Perth group members Paul Livesly, Jasmin Shaw, Iam Martin, Louis and Alice Bell, James and Jess Holmes, Kim Frost, Deb Hodgson, Sara and Matt Foster, Marina Adams, Jeff Hansen and new Northern group coordinator Linda Kemp should all feel very proud of their efforts in keeping the good shepherd fight alive and raising a total of AU$10,185.

So what does ten thousand dollars really mean? Well at current fuel prices it's about one full day of the Steve Irwin in hot pursuit of the Nisshin Maru - which on a calm day equates to about 10 whales that the Japanese whalers could otherwise have slaughtered.

It's the work of caring, compassionate and selfless people around the globe that continue to proudly support Sea Shepherd: the most effective marine conservation organisation in the world.


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