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A Day on the Ocean for the Ocean

A Day on the Ocean for the Ocean

Cape May, NJ
September 26, 2010

Sea Shepherd Philadelphia

Sea Shepherd Philadelphia hosted “A Day on the Ocean for the Ocean” a Whale and Dolphin Watching Fundraiser on September 26, 2010.  300 tickets were sold raising a considerable amount of money for SSCS in ticket sales alone.  In addition, many donations were made, a great deal of merchandise was sold, new Direct Action Crew Members were added, and many new supporters of SSCS were made.  In addition, local artist Brittany Brubaker donated an enchanting Sea Shepherd-inspired art piece entitled “If We Don’t, Then Who Will?” which was sold in a Silent Auction.

While no whales were spotted, hundreds of dolphins joined the boat all around.  There were babies swimming with their mothers, and while we watched, the captain provided excellent educational commentary on the importance of leaving dolphins in their natural habitats.  Most importantly, Sea Shepherd Philadelphia spent the afternoon aboard wonderful, reputable whale watching boats making friends with other SSCS supporters.

Captain Jeff Stewart, his family, and the entire staff of Cape May Whale Watcher worked kindly and effectively with Sea Shepherd Philadelphia to ensure a fantastic and successful day.  Captain Stewart, his family and staff, provided an entertaining, educational and engaging experience for which we are grateful.

Sea Shepherd Philadelphia would like to thank the volunteers who showed up, worked through some rain with great attitudes, and have unmatched passion and devotion.  Thank you to Leighann Baylie, Ulrich Baylie, Brittany Brubaker, Jason Burzynski, Angela Christman, Jim Farry, Katie Farry, Dustin Klimek, Elias Koulas, Gianna Koulas, Tyler Kruszewski, Candace Pascale, Justin Pascale, Tim Quick, Kevin Starbard, Linda Vecere, and Tom Vecere.

Sea Shepherd Philadelphia would also like to show appreciation to the team at Headquarters who worked so hard behind the scenes to help this amazing event happen.  It could have not been accomplished without their patience and support.


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