Open Letter
To Mr . Kyoji Komachi
Ambassador of Japan to the Netherlands

Drs . R . Neijboer , tandarts
Mw . Ing . N .G . Neijboer-Filippova
The Netherlands

Hasselt , 20th of November 2004

Dear Sir ,

Concerning my e-mail messages from the 15th and 17th of November in where I introduced myself as a representative of people who has signed the petition of protest against the ongoing killing of thousands and thousands of dolphins in Japan , I would like to make enlightments on the following events :

Instead of giving an answer our private e-mail(s) were handed to the police . I was interrogated by telephone by the police of the Hague-Lands . Our intentions were clear: my wife and me wanted only to deliver the petitions. I have heard that the aviation police also questioned AS&S Air services that were to fly with an appropriate banner. In that case they were stressed that "under the current social and political circumstances in the Netherlands this flight is not wanted."

On Friday the 19th of November I turned my car in the Tobias Asserlaan where the Embassy of Japan is situated.
It looked like the street had been prepared for a battlefield. Both side-walks were barricaded. There was an uplifted police post with blinded windows . The whole situation was offending and insulting .We have delivered the petitions to the reception officer.

Mister Ambassador, we are Dutchmen . We are used to speak out freely . It is our most beloved democratic right
In this case we were the Postmen . The Postmen of many concerned adults and many children of the Netherlands .

Mr. Kyoji Komachi , you handed my private e-mail to the police . I will forward this letter into publicity .
I am the Postman who rings twice with a message . And the message is short and the message is clear :

"Now-a-days the killing of dolphins and whales does not serve any genuine need and in every single case arises unacceptable cruelty." We want that to stop!

We sincerely hope that the protests all over the world will improve the behaviour of the Japanese fishermen and Government as well .


Dr .Roeland Neijboer

Mw . Ing . Natalja Gennadjevna Neijboer - Filippova