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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has had a long and successful history with defending and protecting small cetaceans. Unlike whales, small cetaceans (e.g., dolphins, pilot whales, belugas, and orcas) do not have an international body like the International Whaling Commission to regulate the killing. There are simply no regulations or the regulations are ignored. Sea Shepherd has intervened over the years to disrupt these killings, to initiate worldwide protests, and to keep media and public pressure on those responsible through articles, films, and interventions.

There are many problems facing dolphins around the world, such as:

  • Fishing methods that kill (purse seine, driftnets, gillnets, by-catch, etc)
  • Entanglement in fishing gear
  • Captivity
  • Marine pollution (pesticides, heavy metals, plastics, industrial and agricultural pollutants)
  • Habitat degradation
  • Low frequency sonar
  • Boat traffic

Sea Shepherd has employed our unique brand of direct action against the killing of dolphins in the Faeroe Islands and Japan.


In 2003, Sea Shepherd kicked the doors open in Taiji,
exposing the gruesome slaughter of dolphins . . .

Every year since 2010, our volunteer Cove Guardians
have been on the front lines at the Cove throughout the hunt season . . .

Now, the movie, The Cove, has won an Oscar,
keeping this issue in the international spotlight . . .

The Cove

Read all about it!

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