The Red Lobster restaurant chain buys more Canadian seafood than any other U.S. wholesale customer, and can do more to end the $16 million Canadian seal hunt than any other


















The Canadian commercial seal hunt is the largest marine mammal slaughter in the world. Every year, Canadian fishermen—most of whom are from the province of Newfoundland—bludgeon or shoot, and then skin over 300,000 young seals. Most are only a few weeks old. Tens of thousands are skinned alive.

The fishermen kill the seals for their skins. Other products like marine oil, meat, and penises are of secondary importance. The seals' skins are sold to satisfy the frivolous whims of the fur trinket, fur fashion, and exotic leather industries—industries that thrive on ignorance, vanity, cruelty, and greed.

At the end of the sealing season, most Newfoundland sealers, and particularly boat owners who profit most from sealing, go crab fishing. Snow crab is the sealers' and Newfoundland's most important seafood export. In 2003, Newfoundland exported $467 million worth of seafood worldwide; $350 million of that was snow crab sold to the United States where the Red Lobster restaurant chain is the sealers' largest customer.

Please ask Red Lobster President Kim Lopdrup to help end the Canadian commercial seal hunt by not serving Canadian seafood to his guests until Canadian fishermen stop killing the seals.

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