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Namibia Desert Seal Campaign

The world's largest and cruelest marine mammal slaughter of 85,000 still-nursing baby seal pups begins annually on July 1st in Namibia.

For 139 days, terrified pups will be rounded up, separated from their mothers, and brutally beaten to death for their pelts - a CITES protected species, killed in a seal reserve every day just hours before tourists come to view the remaining colony.  More

Inhumane, illegal, unsustainable and unethical, many conservation groups violently oppose the slaughter. While filming the cull is illegal, Sea Shepherd, who has a long legacy of defending seals around the world, aims to end this slaughter once and for all.



Bloody and Brutal Namibian Seal Hunt Season EndsBloody and Brutal Namibian Seal Hunt Season Ends - Each year governments, corporations and industries go to further lengths to prevent us from preserving life on this planet. We have faced (and still do) some formidable evil, but the slaughter of baby animals, crudely bludgeoned to death, surely is a new low for more

O.R.C.A. Force Stealth Mission a SuccessSeptember 15, 2012 - O.R.C.A. Force Stealth Mission a Success - O.R.C.A. Force has successfully captured video footage and images of the Namibian seal slaughter at Cape Cross. Its team’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) departed after the seal clubbers arrived at the Cape fur seal reserve, just moments after dawn ... read more

O.R.C.A. Force’s Unmanned Aircraft Makes Successful Test Flight Over Cape Cross Seal ColonyAugust 28, 2012 - O.R.C.A. Force’s Unmanned Aircraft Makes Successful Test Flight Over Cape Cross Seal Colony - During the early hours of the Namibian morning Sea Shepherd’s UAV made a first-ever flight over the seal colony where each morning hundreds of baby seals are brutally clubbed to death. more

June 4, 2012 - Namibia's Shameful Secret - By Rosie Kunneke, Nikki Botha and Dinielle Stöckigt (Sea Shepherds from South Africa and Operation Desert Seal team members) - Every year it is the same heart-breaking story. Come June/July, the powers that be in Namibia give their blessing for the start of the cruelest seal cull in the world. ... read more

April 13, 2012 - Namibia Trots Out Old and Useless Tricks to Defend the Seal Slaughter - Commentary by Captain Paul Watson - It is an old Wise Use tactic from the Reagan era to create organizations that sound like they are for conservation but, in fact, represent just the opposite. It appears that this tactic is now being used in Namibia where a group called Namibia Seal Conservation has been formed... Read More

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