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Check out selected media coverage that our Cove Guardians have received around the world.

United States October 9, 2013 -- Take Part - United States

Swim with Dolphins, Then Eat Them? If Taiji's Horrifying Marine Park Happens, Tourists Could Do Both

On a memorable episode of The Simpsons, Homer, Marge and the kids head to “Marine World,” where a P.A. system announcement is heard: “Folks, we're heating up the lobster tank, so hurry on over if you want to pet them before you eat 'em!” It’s a classic, grotesque, line and on ... read more

United States October 7, 2013 -- Ecorazzi - United States

Visitors to Swim with and Eat Dolphins at Taiji Marine Park

Taiji, Japan is planning a marine park where visitors will be able to see and swim with dolphins and small whales. In that same town, not far from where the park will be, large pods of cetaceans are driven to the shallow waters by boats and brutally killed. The annual hunt season, which usually spans from September th ... read more

United Kingdom September 12, 2013 -- Huffington Post - United Kingdom

Sea Turns Red With Blood As Whales Are Butchered To Death In Japan

Shocking new undercover images have shown the distressing moment a pod of Pilot Whales were slaughtered in a cove in Japan. Trapped with no escape, the helpless creatures are pictured clinging close to one another as they spent their remaining few hours together before being dragged to shore and butchered. Undercov ... read more

United States January 5, 2012 -- Los Angeles Times - United States

Sea Shepherd activist arrested filming cove dolphins

The battle to stop the dolphin slaughter made infamous by last year’s Oscar-winning documentary, “The Cove,” has taken another turn. On Dec. 16, Sea Shepherd volunteer Erwin Vermeulen, a member of the Cove Guardians project to monitor and document the capture of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, was arrested  ... read more

United States December 20, 2011 -- Environment News Service - United States

Sea Shepherd's Cove Guardian Crew Raided by Japanese Police

Twenty officers of the Wakayama Prefecture Police Sunday raided the Charmant Hotel where Sea Shepherd's Cove Guardians have been staying near Taiji. Armed with a warrant, which they claimed was for video taken by Cove Guardian Erwin Vermeulen, the police seized all of the Sea Shepherd volunteers' computers, pho ... read more

Canada November 21, 2011 -- Suite 101 - Canada

Sea Shepherd's Rosie Kunneke Refuses to 'Look Away' from the Cove

Cove Guardian Leader Rosie Kunneke, talks about her role in the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS), and what it takes to police Taiji's dolphin drive. Nov. 21, 2011. In the first of a three-part interview with Rosie Kunneke of Sea Shepherd, Suite101 caught up with the animal activist as she reports live fro ... read more

Canada November 21, 2011 -- Suite 101 - Canada

Rosie Kunneke of SSCS: 'If I was a Dolphin, I Would Choose Death'

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Rosie Kunneke reports on the dolphin drives live from Taiji's cove and explains the effects of captivity on wild dolphins. Nov. 21, 2011. In the second part of Suite101's interview with Lead Cove Guardian Rosie Kunneke of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Kunneke talks about th ... read more

United Kingdom September 13, 2011 -- Gibraltar - United Kingdom

Japan. Operation Infinite Patience–the Cove Guardians have Arrived

Meet Rosie Kunneke - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s official Cove Guardians campaign leader of Operation Infinite Patience in Taiji, Japan. Rosie, a native of South Africa, arrived in Japan this past weekend to continue to document and expose the dolphin slaughter in this small Japanese town without pity for ... read more

United States September 13, 2011 -- Ecorazzi - United States

Sea Shepherd: The Cove Guardians Have Arrived in Taiji

With the start of the dolphin hunt season in Taiji this month, we’ve recently told you about Ric O’Barry and Save Japan Dolphins’presence at the cove and unforunately, the first dolphin slaughter of the year. Now,Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has announced that their Operation Infin ... read more

United States September 2, 2011 -- Monsters and Critics - United States

Whale Wars' Capt. Watson: 'Shameful Slaughter in Taiji Commences'

Captain Paul Watson of Whale Wars' fame sent Monsters and Critics an update on the fight for the dolphins and whales. Watson writes, "When we arrive, the killers take notice. This point was made very clear most recently with Operation Ferocious Isles as zero whales were killed during our time in the Faeroe Is ... read more

Japan September 2, 2011 -- The Japan Times - Japan

Typhoon delays Taiji dolphin hunt

WAKAYAMA – Fishermen in the traditional whaling town of Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, scrubbed Thursday’s kickoff of their annual hunt for dolphins, whales and other cetaceans due to an approaching typhoon off the Pacific coast. “We’d like to head out to sea soon, but you just can’t be ... read more

Canada September 2, 2011 -- Suite 101 - Canada

No Dolphins Killed Yet in Taiji as Hunting Season Kicks Off

No Dolphins Killed Yet in Taiji as Hunting Season Kicks Off As volunteers from Save Japan Dolphins monitor the dolphin drive in Japan, a typhoon delayed the opening Taiji dolphin hunt. Now the boats head out. Increasingly, Taiji, Japan is finding it tougher and tougher to conduct its annual dolphin drive, which offi ... read more

New Zealand September 1, 2011 -- Stuff - New Zealand

Dolphin hunt begins

A protest against the killing of dolphins in Japan will be held outside the Japanese consulate Auckland office today from noon to 3pm. It's led by Kerry O'Brien of Red Beach who went to Taiji in Japan earlier this year to join campaigners to try to stop the annual dolphin hunt. The hunt starts the same da ... read more

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