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 In Their Own Words: 2012-13 Operation Infinite Patience Cove Guardians Recall Their Experiences Defending Dolphins in Taiji

Since 2010, Sea Shepherd has coordinated the Cove Guardian dolphin defense campaign in order to document and expose the dolphin-killing activities in Japan’s coastal town of Taiji. Over 30 volunteers from all around the world participated in the 2012-13 Cove Guardian campaign, traveling to Japan at their own expense to bravely document the brutality and ill fate bestowed upon these highly intelligent mammals who are either butchered for their meat, which is ladened with toxic levels of mercury, or sent to a dolphinarium for a shortened lifespan in captivity serving solely as human entertainment.

In preparation for the 2013-14 Cove Guardian campaign, we asked last year’s volunteers to recount a life-changing experience or memorable event whilst at post in Taiji. Each Cove Guardian submitted a photo to illustrate the brutality or neglect they witnessed along with an accompanying narrative or quote to express their experience while standing watch in Taiji.

Although the big media wave surrounding the dolphin trade came and went, we must continue to expose the dreadful activities with which the town of Taiji plagues the world. Remember that the mass killings of whales and dolphins still occur annually as a result of consumer demand to see and experience whales and dolphins in dolphinariums and captive swim with dolphin programs. One of the simplest things you can do to help these magnificent beings is to NEVER support a dolphinarium and remind your friends and family to do the same. To volunteer for the upcoming 2013-14 campaign, which begins in September, please send an email to and ask for an application package. To donate to the Cove Guardian campaign, please click here. Even though the volunteers cover their own expenses, Sea Shepherd still incurs considerable expense for this campaign. We pay for equipment, car rentals, and live streaming.

Thank you to all the brave and selfless volunteers who joined Sea Shepherd’s Operation Infinite Patience and became Cove Guardians.