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Welcome to the Video Archives Page for Operation Infinite Patience

Thank you for visiting the playback page of archived footage for the 4th season of Operation Infinite Patience. Our Cove Guardians live stream from Taiji, Japan whenever there is a dolphin hunt, capture, live transfer or slaughter to bring these crimes against nature to the world.

On the right side of this screen, you will see a listing of all the live streams that have been recorded this season to date. Any video marked “taijilive” has been recorded from Camera 1 (top video player). Any video marked “taijilive2” has been recorded from Camera 2 (bottom video player) from the live stream page. The date and time stamp are located in the video title (e.g., taijilive_10-06-2013_01:15:10.mp4) and is noted in Japan local time. Simply click on the feed you wish to watch and press play.

Note: Please allow roughly 24 hours for the last live stream to be archived and made available for viewing on this page.

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