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October 22, 2012

Operation Infinite Patience: October 22, 2012

Cove Guardians begin livestreaming as we hold our strong presence in Taiji

Cove Guardians Ashley, Gerald, Melissa, Guilherme, Brett, Harrison, ScottCove Guardians Ashley, Gerald, Melissa,
Guilherme, Brett, Harrison, Scott
Photo: Sea Shepherd
As Cove Guardians we learn to take every “no-kill” day in Taiji seriously; a day to be thankful, a day to celebrate dolphin freedom, and one more day closer to the end of this slaughter. We relished twenty consecutive “no-kill” days. A record number of blue cove days since starting this campaign. A rare occurrence for what is otherwise known as Red October.

Each day we posted the news on Facebook and Twitter and with each post thousands of followers united with us in being thankful and hopeful for the dolphins.

As the number of “no kill” days increased, so did the tension among the dolphin killers and Taiji police force. We can only imagine the frustration of defeat as the presence of Cove Guardians in Taiji continues. Dolphin killers’ tempers flared as they sped away from the Fisherman’s Union and aggressively tried to run over a Cove Guardian. Despite their motive, it only proves that Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardian presence here in Taiji is having an effect on the dolphin killers, the police, and all those involved in the slaughter and captive industry.

Taiji police force continues to orchestrate and maneuver to interrupt our attempt at exposing the truth of the slaughter. During a transfer of six bottlenose dolphins, police issued a search warrant for our vehicles in an attempt to block us from following. As our bags were being searched, the transport trucks were on their way to the airport. We have been able to track the airline as being Japan Airlines and have local SSCS Chapters working diligently to locate the final destination of the innocent prisoners.

On October 21, 2012, after twenty days of peace, a pod of Risso dolphins was driven into the cove. Ten beautiful and free dolphins were spotted south of Taiji and viciously herded into the killing cove. Three dolphins were taken captive. The two adults and one juvenile were placed in the Taiji harbor pens. The seven remaining family members were butchered. The killers continued to try to hide the bodies with large tarps, as they have with previous slaughters, but could not hide the bloody water draining from the bodies that they butchered in the Fisherman’s Union. The meat auction took place the following morning and the foul stench of fresh dolphin meat being boiled and fried filled the air above Taiji.

This is our third season of Operation Infinite Patience and until recently supporters have solely depended on our documentation of the atrocities in Taiji. Photos and video have depicted what we witness on the front lines.

Cove Guardians now have the ability to Livestream directly to the internet and supporters can view what is happening as we experience and document the otherwise hidden truth behind the slaughter.

Our first attempt at Livestreaming during a dolphin drive and slaughter, we had over 7000 viewers worldwide and for over a one and a half hour duration at peak time. Not only is this great news for Cove Guardians but wonderful news for the dolphins. Many more people will be exposed to not only the killing, but the captivity, the lies, and corruption that occurs every day in Taiji.

We will continue to Livestream captive dolphin activity and every dolphin slaughter. We have received an overwhelming response via social media and the live visual has given followers at home the ability to not only connect emotionally, but also enhance “internet activism”.

Follow updates on Sea Shepherd Facebook, Cove Guardian Facebook and Twitter of when our next Livestream will be at

We continue to have volunteers join us from all over the world to stand as a strong voice for the dolphins. To join us here in Taiji, as a Cove Guardian email for more information.

Thank you to our followers on social media. Cove Guardians are appreciative of all your kind words of support and we are thankful to read all of your messages that can brighten a dark day.

For the dolphins,

Melissa Sehgal

Cove Guardian Leader

Cove Guardians Melissa and Gerald Livestream at the cove during dolphin slaughter for thousands of viewersCove Guardians Melissa and Gerald Livestream at the cove
during dolphin slaughter for thousands of viewers.
Photo: Sea Shepherd