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November 7, 2011

Operation Infinite Patience: Week 8

The Frustration Level Continues to rise in the Cove

Report by Cove Guardians Leader Rosie Kunneke

The latest victims before they were corralled into the Cove.The latest victims before they were corralled into
the Cove.
This week the horrors of Taiji continued. The Cove ran red with the blood from two pods of Risso’s dolphins, between 21-25 total. One of the pods of dolphins almost managed to escape from the harbor area right before the banger boats would have started to drive them towards the Cove. We noticed the dolphins diving deep, reappearing after a few minutes on the other side of the last row of banger boats. The dolphins were swimming really hard towards the harbor area entrance which would lead them back to the open ocean. Unfortunately, the dolphin killers spotted them and the power and speed of these banger boats was too strong for the cetaceans, and after a prolonged chase, the killers managed to encircle the dolphins and drove them back. When the nets close behind the dolphins in the Cove, it is really difficult and extremely sad to realize that we are witnessing the final minutes of these beautiful creatures’ lives.

The dolphin killer before making physical contact with the Cove Guardians.The dolphin killer before making physical contact
with the Cove Guardians.
The Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians’ presence here is not just costing the authorities huge amounts of money to maintain the ridiculous security and police presence, but it is also greatly frustrating the dolphin killers. After the slaughter of one of the Risso’s pods, one of the dolphin killers who must be extremely frustrated with hiding his every activity from being documented, became really aggressive and physically pushed me and Tarah Millen. About 11 police officers rushed to the scene. They immediately ordered us to leave, and only after we voiced our discontent with the fact that not a single police officer attempted to approach the particular dolphin killer involved, a few of them finally went over to talk to the dolphin killer. You could clearly see that the police are not doing their dutiful civil services to protect the peace on both sides, and clearly biased against us being here. That being said, we made an official complaint to the police about this chain of events.

The dolphin killers remained in harbor on two occassions this week due to bad weather. The dolphin killers went out to the harbor as usual the rest of the week, leaving around 6 a.m. With absolute delight, we watched them return emptyhanded on those days.

Unfortunately, Cove Guardian Cristina Cely had to return home to Ecuador. Cove Guardian veteran Tarah Millen joined me this week. Peter Nicholson also returned for the weekend.

October 29th, 2011 
A dead Risso's dolphin is transferred to a banger boat

A slaughtered Risso's dolphin is transferred to a banger boat.
The killers attempt to hide their actions under tarps. (:49)

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Sea Shepherd is still looking for passionate individuals to join Rosie in Taiji to assist her in documenting the slaughter, standing ground to the local fishermen, and pressuring the authorities who allow this barbaric slaughter to take place. We managed to reduce the number of dolphins killed last season by half, and we can do it again this year but we cannot do it without your help as a Cove Guardians volunteer or supporter. To join us in Taiji (voluntarily, and completely at your own cost and risk), write us at

Cove Guardian Christina Cely of Ecuador.Cove Guardian Christina Cely of Ecuador. Cove Guardians Rosie Kunneke, Tarah Millen, and Peter Nicholson plea for an end to the killing.Cove Guardians Rosie Kunneke, Tarah Millen, and Peter Nicholson plea for an end to the killing.