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September 20, 2010

News Flash Report from Taiji: September 19 - Ten Pilot Whales in Taiji's Notorious Death Cove

Ten Pilot Whales in Taiji's Notorious Death Cove

Taiji fishermen have driven ten pilot whales into the killing cove at Taiji. It's almost like they wish to compete with the Faeroe Islands to see who can be the most brutal killer of these incredible melon-headed cetaceans.

We are four crew on the ground keeping the situation under observation.

The question is, will these fishermen once again bring shame upon the nation of Japan with their cruelty and lethal treatment of these gentle creatures?

Our man on the ground there, Scott West, is concerned that they intend to kill these whales. The notorious Cove has had tarps erected to obscure any activity.

Update at 6:40pm PST:

Another five pilot whales have been driven into the Cove. Now there is between 12-16 pilot whales behind nets in the cove presently. The fishing boats have returned to sea to capture more. The police have warned Sea Shepherd volunteers to not interfere or else the crew will be arrested.

We will keep you posted.



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