By: Daphne Plump

I have wanted to do my part for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society since long time supporter, Mitchell Bolt told me about it early 2005. Months later, I had the honor of interviewing Captain Paul Watson live by satellite phone during his 2005 Harp Seal Campaign off the coast of the Magdalene Islands.

When Paul embarked on the 2005-06 Whale Defense Campaign, I found myself glued to the website reading log after log of the crews' tumultuous affairs with the Japanese whalers. I knew then that I wanted to play a part in helping Sea Shepherd get a new, faster vessel to defeat those butchers. In March, I introduced myself to Mandy Davis, a lady from my neck of the woods who just happened to come off the recent campaign. I told her my plan for wanting to raise money. She agreed.

The plan included having both Mandy and Paul Watson speak about the 2005 -06 Campaign, show the documentary that was aired in South Africa, and invite all of California's Central Coast to a Sunday morning soiree of sorts. It seemed a bit much at first. But the pieces came together one after the other. Mandy agreed to speak about her first hand experience onboard. Paul agreed to come to San Luis Obispo, California and speak. Mitchell Bolt agreed to be the master of ceremony. I was able to secure the entire Mitch_and_PaulPalm Theater. And, over a dozen sponsors donated beverages, food, tables, easels, anything and everything. The good folks at SSCS sent us some of the Captain's Logs which we used to acquire additional donations.

Three weeks later, on April 23rd, nearly 100 people turned out. We raised over four thousand dollars. The manager of Palm Theater, where we had the fundraiser was so impressed by the turnout, the organization and the dedication from all of us; he decided not to charge us the theater rental fee. WOW!!!

We plan on hosting another fundraiser in the near future, and we hope that more people come out, lend a hand, and make a new, faster vessel a reality for the 2006-07 Whale Defense Campaign.

For the oceans,

Daphne Plump

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