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Thoughts from the Med

Simon Ager
Jack-of-all-Trades aboard the Steve Irwin

Tired of the same old routine, the same people, and the same drab office cubicle, wanting to do something more meaningful in my life, something that I can be really proud of. Three years in the waiting to be part of the amazing and dedicated team that makes up the crew of the Steve Irwin; from meeting like minded people, the new skills learned from deck to the bridge, and all whilst trying not to gain 20 lbs dining on the most creative vegan cuisine. And everyday I’m waking up on campaign knowing that I’m out here actively trying to make a difference for something other than myself. Life changing…no more just an armchair warrior!

Operation Blue Rage 2010

A new campaign that has seen the Steve Irwin and some of the crew travel half way around the world in defense of bluefin tuna. It is my hope that we are able to make a physical and financial impact on the tuna industry, and at the same time awaken the sleeping masses to the destruction of the world’s oceans. It’s an honor to be a part of Sea Shepherd and a dedicated and passionate crew of some thirty or so individuals that are not prepared to sit by and witness the wanton extinction of bluefin tuna by industry and governments for short-term financial gain.

The ocean’s of the world need a voice, Sea Shepherd is that voice!