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Operation Blue Rage
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Malta's Traditional Fishermen Salute Sea ShepherdMalta's Traditional Fishermen Salute Sea Shepherd - Charles Bugeja's family boasts four generations of fishermen. Today his father's vessel has been on land since May and the quota he was allocated was so low that it was reached within a few weeks.  Bugeja said: "The Sea Shepherd people are doing what the government should have done to protect the tuna and the livelihood of traditional fishermen who have lived off the sea for generations." more

Maltese Prime Minister Defends Illegal Tuna Operation - Speaking to the Maltese press today Dr Lawrence Gonzi, the Maltese Prime Minister, made the following statement:  "The government can never ever tolerate a situation where Maltese fishermen going about their work according to local and international law are attacked and hindered."  Sea Shepherd's Captain Watson addresses this statement more

Steve Irwin Attacked in Libyan Waters - At 0900 Hours the Sea Shepherd ship Steve Irwin moved into Libyan waters to inspect the remaining cage being towed by the Italian vessel Cesare Rustico. Our inflatable Delta boat and dive team approached the cage. The Cesare Rustico dropped the tow line and turned to defend the cage. then a second accompanying vessel immediately and without warning attacked the Steve Irwin with a barrage of flares aimed at the wheelhouse and the crew on deck. more


Defending the Tuna

The bluefin tuna is speeding towards extinction and Sea Shepherd is going to do everything in our power to put the brakes on it!

blue fin tuna

We are sending our flagship vessel Steve Irwin to the Mediterranean this summer where we will stand against the illegal overfishing of bluefin tuna. We will do everything possible within the boundaries of international law to protect the magnificent bluefin.

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June 17, 2010 Sea Shepherd Frees 800 Endangered Bluefin Tuna (no audio)

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